The Secret to Making Acai Work For You

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acai weightloss(AMA) – From magazines to television to radio, it’s likely you’ve heard of Acai berries and their weight-loss benefits. Is this remarkable extract truly a weight-loss miracle? Or is it just another over-hyped diet fad that won’t be around for long?

The truth about Acai

Some marketers say Acai is a miracle berry that does everything from burning off extra pounds to controlling appetite and boosting energy levels. This might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Acai berries can help you lose weight. Several scientific studies show that taking Acai as a supplement will enhance your diet and exercise program. That’s because this berry contains high levels of key antioxidant nutrients, which are essential to keeping your energy up, priming your immune system and helping your body recover from exercise. All of these can make the difference between diet success or failure.

What you should consider is a supplement that not only contains Acai extract, but other key nutrients that would help you reach your weight-loss and exercise goals. Simply relying on Acai might not be enough.

Choosing the right Acai supplement

It’s important when choosing any diet supplement to look for one that includes natural ingredients that can provide the results you want. Acai Max Cleanse™, for example, has 100 percent natural active ingredients, including the Acai berry.

The proprietary formula helps you shed pounds easily. Some of these ingredients are:

  • Acai berry – This potent berry is only grown in the rain forest of the Amazon jungle. It is one of the most potent antioxidants on earth.
  • Green tea (as EGCG) -This ingredient is a powerful fat burner. It boosts the metabolism to burn energy from stored fat.
  • ChromeMate – Promotes balanced blood sugar, low blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.
  • Ginseng extract – Known to help increase energy levels, and resist stress and fatigue.

Taking this supplement can help you burn fat and calories and lower your body mass index. The Acai Max Cleanse™ formula helps you get the benefits of Acai plus it includes many other key ingredients that will help you reach your diet goals.

You can see the amazing difference this supplement can make for free. A complimentary 14-day supply of the Acai Max Cleanse™ Supplement will be sent to you when you visit Acai offer and fill out a short form.


Best Rated Colon Cleanser

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colon cleansers(AMA) – Sometimes it’s hard to talk about, but colon health is a very important topic. Not only does a healthy colon keep the digestive system functioning well and potentially ward off digestive health problems, it also helps you achieve weight loss and feel your best.

This is why many consider regularly cleansing your colon a necessity. Besides keeping your body healthy, a regular cleanse is a great way to detoxify your system. A number of today’s users believe an herbal detox, in the form of a natural capsule can instantly make you feel healthier by removing years of toxic waste and other pollutants from your body.

You might have heard of colon cleanse, but you might not be sure how it works or what product is best. Thanks to our Colon Cleanse reviews, you can learn about the top independently tested colon cleanse products to discover what is the best choice for you.

Mary Ogden reviews new developments in natural cleanse and detox methods for the report to help determine which colon cleanse product is most effective. She says, “Unfortunately, due to the recent popularity of colon cleanse products, we have seen companies trying to ‘cash in’ by releasing colon cleanse products which have very few, if any, active ingredients, and selling them online and in stores.

“To combat this, over the past 7 months we’ve been testing over 35 different, readily-available colon cleaning products using our very strict criteria and standards to find out which ones actually work as promised” she says

Through this rigorous testing, three products have stood out as the best quality and most effective. The report indicates that of these three products, “none caused stomach discomfort or irritation at all in volunteers. As an additional benefit, 67 percent of participants lost between 11 and 15 pounds within a 2-week period after they started cleansing.”

ColoPure™ Colon Cleanser happened to be the top rated product and now you can get a free trial to test it for yourself. Discover what you need to know and take action on keeping your colon healthy.

colon cleanser

Stop Smoking – With E-Cigs

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ecigs(AMA) – If you smoke cigarettes, you know just how fast the cost can add up. You also know the nasty side effects that come with smoking. You’ve probably tried everything from patches to gum to all kinds of weird stuff that never seems to help you kick the habit, but until recently there really hasn’t been a good solution. If you want to quit, or just want a better, healthier smoking experience – E-cigs are for probably for you:

  • No More Yellow Teeth
  • No More Nasty Breath
  • No More Stinky Clothes
  • Much Cheaper
  • Smoke Anywhere – Legal Indoors
  • Same Taste – Less Nasty Chemicals

Electronic cigarettes are a recent invention that is causing a huge stir in the smoking community. That is because these devices are a healthier alternative to the traditional cancer causing cigarettes millions of people are used to smoking. Although they haven’t been around long enough to test for any long term side effects, there is no doubt that they will be a much healthier solution than their counterparts.

Electronic cigarettes are comprised of three parts. The atomizer, the battery, and the nicotine cartridge. The nicotine cartridge holds the nicotine solution that the user eventually will inhale. The battery powers the atomizer. The three components together combine to make a compact electronic cigarette. The realistic look of these devices and their similar taste of regular cigarettes are what is making them a big hit in the smoking community. The electronic cigarette is not designed to get you to stop smoking, is is designed to simulate the sensation of smoking without putting dozens of harmful chemicals into your body.

Electronic cigarettes are making it possible for people who have smoked for years to switch to using an electronic cigarette with relative ease. This is because it is an almost exact same taste you would get when you smoke a regular cigarette. When a user inhales on the electronic cigarette, it activates the atomizer which heats up the nicotine solution. The solution is then in vapor form which is inhaled into the mouth of the user. The user then exhales the vapor like they normally would smoke. The vapor evaporates quickly which leaves no lingering smell. There is also no risk of second hand smoke while using this product because no smoke is emitted at all. Although it looks like smoke, it is actually vapor, similar to that of a fog machine.

This new technology is now making it possible for people to get their nicotine fix in places that used to not allow smoking. The laws only regulate the use of products which contain tobacco. Since they don’t contain tobacco, you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you please.

Electronic cigarettes are also much cheaper to use than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The equivalent amount of cigarettes that one nicotine cartridge contains cost about 80 percent less. Not only will you be able to save money, you could also be saving your life. This is what is making the electronic cigarette so popular throughout Europe, and now the trend is reaching the United States. For a limited time, the makers of this revolutionary product are offering a 14-day trial so you can see what all the buzz is about.


CLICK HERE to order your risk-free trial. As a smoker, you will know within 2 weeks how well it works, or just return it at no cost.

Teeth Whitening Can Fit Into Your Budget

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teeth whitening(AMA) – Many people can’t get their morning jump-started without caffeine and can’t get through the day without several cups of coffee or other carbonated beverages. While it may wake you up, coffee and soda can do a number on your teeth – no matter how much you brush to try to keep stains away.

Surely, anyone who has gone to their dentist’s office with badly stained teeth has heard about teeth whitening. It sounds like a promising idea, right? No more being embarrassed by how you look or being afraid of people looking oddly at you when you smile. And then you see the price tag. Not anymore – Pro Whitener Plus™ has a free offer that you should take advantage of. CLICK HERE to get your free 30 day supply.

The Choice of Hollywood

Most people have heard of Pro Whitener Plus™, but if you haven’t – it’s the teeth whitening system that professional make-up artists in Hollywood have sworn by for years, used in conjunction with the lesser known, but awesomely powerful Instant Bright Smile™. Having a Hollywood smile may be nice, but in these tough economic times, you probably have to put a price tag on it. The hundreds of dollars it costs to have your teeth professionally whitened doesn’t fit into the budgets of most people these days, so when the makers of Instant Bright Smile™ and Pro Whitener Plus™ came out with a free offer we just had to put them on here. This stuff just flat out works.

How it Works

Step 1 – Instant Bright Smile™. First is the topical treatment. Instant Bright Smile™ is brushed on like toothpaste and offers the same solution your dentist uses – a 22 percent carbamide peroxide whitening solution. In clinical studies, it only took five days to show significant whitening. Most importantly, it can save you hundreds of dollars over what you’d pay your dentist. CLICK HERE to get the Instant Bright Smile™ free kit. Also – when purchased together you get reduced shipping on both.

Step 2 – Pro Whitener Plus™. Simply boil the mouthpiece in water, and put it in your mouth to make a mold. Then put the carbamide peroxide whitening solution in the mold and put it in your mouth for 15 minutes. CLICK HERE to get the Pro Whitener Plus™ free kit. Also – when purchased together you get reduced shipping on both.

That’s it – Just Pay For Them Next Time, Will Ya!

Most over-the-counter whitening options do not use the safe, dentist-approved solution that Instant Bright Smile™ and Pro Whitener Plus™ uses, and even those that do use a heavily diluted version. Not only are other brands not as effective, they also take longer to use and sometimes need to be worn overnight. Instant Bright Smile™ simply brushes on and Pro Whitener Plus™ is faster, safer and more effective than other retail brands.

Not sure how long they’re going to run this offer, but for just the cost of shipping and handling, you can get your teeth whitened using the same solution your dentist uses, but in the peace and quiet of your own home. A Hollywood smile for free? That’s what we’re all about here at AMALifestyle!


PS – edited to add: We’ve got calls into both companies to see how long they are offering the free trials on both of these products. We’ll post the answer when we get it. However, we were told they both have a set number of kits they are giving out, and once they’re gone – that’s it. We just don’t know how many free kits they have left…grab yours now is all we can say.

Breakthrough Supplement Slows Aging, Improves Health

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resveratrol(AMA) – Do you remember the last time you saw an old friend and were amazed to see how fast they have aged? The reason might be in their diet.

A team of nutritional researchers from southern California have completed a five year study that shows people who consume more antioxidants appear to age at a 47 percent slower rate than those who don’t.

“Antioxidants slow the rate at which cells divide,” says nutrition expert and director of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Christoph Westphal. “The faster your cells divide due to diet, stress or pollution, the faster you will age.”

This is why Dr. Westphal has kept his team focused on a substance in red wine called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is naturally occurring in red wine, and tests have shown that if taken once daily, you actually give your body the extra antioxidants you need to restore your health, vitality and youthful appearance.

A single dose of Resveratrol contains the antioxidants found in eight of the most powerful superfruits, antioxidants that have been shown to increase eye sight, improve your immune system, support your cardiovascular health, boost short term memory, increase brain function and return the youthful glow to your skin and hair

After 2 to 3 months, nearly all Resveratrol users report more energy, healthier-looking skin, deeper sleep, less sick time and better short-term memory. The reason is believed that their body is finally getting the antioxidants they need to balance the effects of poor diet, stress and pollution.

Dr. Laurence Meyerson, a professor at New York University School of Medicine, agrees. “It is likely that the components of Resveratrol’s unique formulation may very well produce additive or even synergistic biological effects in the body.” Meyerson says.

It is well known that people don’t consume enough antioxidants. In fact a 2008 dietary survey shows that on average Americans receive less than 25 percent of their recommended antioxidants intake each day. This dietary shortcoming is a major contributor to poor health, lack of energy, weakened brain function and accelerated aging.

Wellness consultant Sonja Hawley agrees. “If you want to feel healthy and look younger, you must start by healing your body from the inside.” Hawley continues “Resveratrol gives my clients the nutrients found in eight of the most powerful superfruits for less than a cup of coffee each day.”

If you want to try this amazing product for yourself, go to their website and request a free 10-day sample, just pay $3.95 for shipping. The company has advised that these free samples won’t last long so order yours today, it only takes about 1 to 2 minutes to submit your address and billing information.


Get Help Getting To Sleep

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(AMA) – Did you know that almost half of all the Americans experience difficulties in sleeping? Well you certainly would be having the idea of that if you are among the worse half. Sleeping difficulties are one of the major health issues in America today and a lot of emphasis is being laid by the media to create awareness about this problem.

This is a dangerous condition as insufficient sleep leads to fatigue. Not only that affects your physical activity, but it also affects your professional productivity adversely. As a proof, consider the estimate of sleep deprivation costs by The National Commission on Sleep Disorders of a
$150 billion, which involve high stress costs and reduced productivity at the workplace. Moreover, more than half of car crashes are a result of sleep deprived drivers, most of them under the age of 26. And if you are having similar difficulties, you have just found something that could improve your condition.

OxySleep™ will help you regulate your sleeping habits, through perfectly safe and natural means. It does not damage your nervous system to become addictive to it, as is the case with other drugs and medication that people use to help them sleep.

OxySleep™ will not only help you overcome your sleeplessness in the longer run, but it will also prevent the condition of restlessness during sleeping. The product will ensure you about 8 hours of deep and peaceful sleep, and that alone leads to many benefits. One of those benefits that may surprise you is weight loss. Since you sleep more, you burn more calories, and during sleep your body metabolism activates an appetite suppressant hormone to trigger weight loss.

Medical Science proves that sleep is important for the proper function of different organs in your body, and for your mind to stay refreshed and active. It is essential to a healthy body as a good night’s sleep rejuvenates all your body. Research has also shown that people who sleep longer, live longer.

Furthermore, an appetite suppressant hormone called leptin is produced in a greater quantity in people who sleep for 8 hours or more, while a hunger stimulating hormone called ghrelin is found in higher levels in people with five hours or even lesser sleep. This shows that people who are deprived of sleep have a tendency to eat more and gain weight and the people with adequate sleep have a tendency to lose weight.

OxySleep™ will allow you a deep sleep, preventing you from mid-sleep interruptions and the fatigue that results from sleeplessness or having inadequate sleep. It helps you in maintaining a healthy and regular sleep pattern and night time harmony. It also helps you in losing weight, avoiding stress and fatigue, and to begin your days with a refreshed and revived body and mind.

As you take steps for sleep assistance, like taking care of your mattress and pillow, and avoiding heavy dinners, you could also include OxySleep™ as one of them. It is available on a 12 day risk-free trial with money back guarantee.

Fighting Wrinkles – What Works

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skin care(AMA) – In the war against wrinkles women now have a variety of effective weapons they can reach for.  This article looks at 3 premium products that each fights wrinkles using a different approach, each with its own pros and cons.

First, why do we get wrinkles?

On the face, unlike the rest of our body, our skin is directly connected to the underlying muscles and the movement of these muscles is varied and constant.  Our skin, because its directly connected to the muscles, essentially goes along for the ride.

Many of these movements cause our skin to crease.  When we are young, our skin is supple and has an abundance of collagen which acts like a strong yet stretchy scaffolding.  So, when we relax our face, the creases disappear.

As we get older, our collagen deteriorates as does our natural ability to generate more.  Skin no longer rebounds and dynamic wrinkles deepen into permanent ones – hanging around even when the muscles are at rest.


Botox is a form of Botulinum toxin that is injected into the skin in a diluted form.  It keeps certain muscles that cause wrinkles from contracting by paralyzing the nerves temporarily. This can prevent new wrinkles and fine lines from forming and helps reduce the appearance of pre-existing lines and wrinkles.

The results of the Botox treatment can last anywhere from four to six months. Treatments can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated. The injections are usually given without any numbing agent, but patients who have a low threshold for pain may opt for a pre-injection numbing agent.

The risks, though rare, include bruising, numbness, swelling, muscle twitching, headache, and, most commonly, a droopy eyelid.  Botox must be administered by a doctor, and depending on the number of injections will cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000.


Like Botox, Restylane is injected into your face by a doctor. However, Restylane® is a dermal filler, rather than a paralyzing agent. It primarily contains Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance manufactured by your body.  The injected hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin beneath the wrinkle, reducing its appearance.

The side effects of Restylane can include some swelling and there may be mild bruising around the injection sites. Injections around the eyes can leave tiny bumps which are collections of Restylane that appear because the skin here is so thin. These may require secondary injections to resolve.  Treatments cost about $700 and typically last 4 – 6 months.


Unlike the above products, CupuacuVital™ – Anti-Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is a topical that you can use at home and doesn’t require a doctor. Cupuacu’s approach is to promote the syntheses of skin collagen.  The product contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (the same ingredient as Restylane), marine collagen, antioxidants and advanced peptides.

Many people instinctively assume that topical crèmes can’t produce the type of results that injectables can. However, in a six-week independent study on the effectiveness of CupuacuVital™ – Anti-Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, within 15 minutes of use, 84% of participants saw plumping of facial lines and wrinkles and 79% saw a lifting effect in facial skin and more than 85% of study participants saw a reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet and black circles.

As you would expect with a non-medical topical solution, the costs of CupuacuVital™ are considerably less than Botox® and Restylane® – and for a limited time only, they are offering a free trial for new users of this wonderful product.

While you need to visit a doctor to get Botox or Restylane, CupuacuVital™ – Anti-Wrinkle Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is currently offering a free trial from their web site.  Through this offer you can try the product for 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you don’t have to pay for it.