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April 17, 2010 by AMA Lifestyle

colon cleansers(AMA) – Sometimes it’s hard to talk about, but colon health is a very important topic. Not only does a healthy colon keep the digestive system functioning well and potentially ward off digestive health problems, it also helps you achieve weight loss and feel your best.

This is why many consider regularly cleansing your colon a necessity. Besides keeping your body healthy, a regular cleanse is a great way to detoxify your system. A number of today’s users believe an herbal detox, in the form of a natural capsule can instantly make you feel healthier by removing years of toxic waste and other pollutants from your body.

You might have heard of colon cleanse, but you might not be sure how it works or what product is best. Thanks to our Colon Cleanse reviews, you can learn about the top independently tested colon cleanse products to discover what is the best choice for you.

Mary Ogden reviews new developments in natural cleanse and detox methods for the report to help determine which colon cleanse product is most effective. She says, “Unfortunately, due to the recent popularity of colon cleanse products, we have seen companies trying to ‘cash in’ by releasing colon cleanse products which have very few, if any, active ingredients, and selling them online and in stores.

“To combat this, over the past 7 months we’ve been testing over 35 different, readily-available colon cleaning products using our very strict criteria and standards to find out which ones actually work as promised” she says

Through this rigorous testing, three products have stood out as the best quality and most effective. The report indicates that of these three products, “none caused stomach discomfort or irritation at all in volunteers. As an additional benefit, 67 percent of participants lost between 11 and 15 pounds within a 2-week period after they started cleansing.”

ColoPureā„¢ Colon Cleanser happened to be the top rated product and now you can get a free trial to test it for yourself. Discover what you need to know and take action on keeping your colon healthy.

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