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September 11, 2009 by AMA Lifestyle

(AMA) – Each year, the United States government is required to give away free money to citizens and residents of the United States. More than $50 billion dollars is given away every year to individuals and businesses in the form of free grants. This free money can be used for almost any purpose – including to buy property, start a business, buy equipment, pay expenses, get out of debt, pay for gas for your car, and just about anything else you desire.

The government has special programs set aside for small businesses and business start-ups that are designed to assist in business development, revitalization and administration by providing funding for businesses through government grants, loans and other sources of funding. The following programs for finding business grants are ones that we have found to be particularly useful. (Detailed reviews at bottom).

Success Grants
Grants 360
Grant Money USA

Reminder – although the products and information these sites provide is free, you will typically have to pay the cost of shipping which is normally about $1 – $2.

How Will The Current Economy Affect My Chances to Get a Government Grant or Scholarship?

One benefit of the current economic crisis is that there is a lot of government money available. A huge chunk of this money has been reserved for government grants and loans to help assist business start-ups as well as existing businesses. The President has made it a goal of his administration to provide money for small businesses (beyond the SBA), and other forms of government funding through grants and loans, particularly for business owners, and assorted grants for just about everything else. The goal is to bring this country out of recession in 2009, and the government intends to do so by increasing the amount of money available for existing small businesses and especially to start a business.

Am I Eligible to Receive Government Grants?

As long as you live in the United States and are a citizen or resident you are eligible to receive a free government grant. The government is legally required to give away a portion of the tax money it collects each year, in the form of government grants. We are here to educate the public about Government Grants because only about 15% of available grants and loans for small businesses are even applied for! This is great news for you and the process to apply takes only a few minutes. It’s free money – Why not claim it?

Do These Government Grant Programs Cost Money?

Typically, grant companies will charge anywhere between $35 and $150 as “administrative costs” to make up for the time and resources it takes them to find and provide programs to apply for grants. However, due to our status as a consumer review group, we have been able to get them to supply us with a limited number of free trials of the exact same software for our readers. You only need to pay a small shipping fee (normally about $1 – $2) to receive the grant packages. The programs we review are a must-have if you want to apply for a government grant because they make the entire process easy, fast, and sometimes even provide a means for you to apply for certain grants within just minutes. Get grants from $50,000 – $1,500,000 or more, free, that you never have to pay back whether you have an existing business yet, or not.

The government is basically trying to give money away to entrepreneurs in order to jump start our economy by providing the means for small business owners and business start-ups to pay off bills, or whatever else you need.


Success Grants

Success GrantsOur #1 choice – Success Grants is truly the cream of the crop. These guys have been around forever, and for good reason. We gave them 5 stars just for their grant information, before we realized just how great their customer service was. This program comes with grant writing software and templates (just fill in a few fields such as name, and address of where you want your check mailed) and it prints out a ready made grant application. Plus, their grants database is updated daily, so you’ll always have access to the latest info.

Grants 360

Grants 360Our #2 Recommendation – Grants 360 was a very close 2nd place. This company has been around for a long time too, and this package includes 100% of all available federal, state and local government grants, all free to apply. They include 100’s of grants in an easy-to-view and sort method. Their customer support is excellent, and the program always updates itself with new free government grants. We highly recommend this program.

Grant Money USA

Grant Money USAGrant Money USA is specifically designed to take advantage of the available grants in certain fields – so it is not as exhaustive as the others, but the package was very good, and their customer service was helpful. There are some very good grants available in this package that primarily caters to women and minorities, or low income individuals. If this is more suitable for your situation, then certainly give this one a shot.

In the end, all of these kits are very helpful in obtaining the grant money you need and deserve. The government is trying to give money away to citizens in order to help jump start our economy again by providing the means for small business owners and business start-ups to pay off bills, or whatever else you need.

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