Teeth Whitening Can Fit Into Your Budget

April 15, 2010 by AMA Lifestyle

teeth whitening(AMA) – Many people can’t get their morning jump-started without caffeine and can’t get through the day without several cups of coffee or other carbonated beverages. While it may wake you up, coffee and soda can do a number on your teeth – no matter how much you brush to try to keep stains away.

Surely, anyone who has gone to their dentist’s office with badly stained teeth has heard about teeth whitening. It sounds like a promising idea, right? No more being embarrassed by how you look or being afraid of people looking oddly at you when you smile. And then you see the price tag. Not anymore – Pro Whitener Plus™ has a free offer that you should take advantage of. CLICK HERE to get your free 30 day supply.

The Choice of Hollywood

Most people have heard of Pro Whitener Plus™, but if you haven’t – it’s the teeth whitening system that professional make-up artists in Hollywood have sworn by for years, used in conjunction with the lesser known, but awesomely powerful Instant Bright Smile™. Having a Hollywood smile may be nice, but in these tough economic times, you probably have to put a price tag on it. The hundreds of dollars it costs to have your teeth professionally whitened doesn’t fit into the budgets of most people these days, so when the makers of Instant Bright Smile™ and Pro Whitener Plus™ came out with a free offer we just had to put them on here. This stuff just flat out works.

How it Works

Step 1 – Instant Bright Smile™. First is the topical treatment. Instant Bright Smile™ is brushed on like toothpaste and offers the same solution your dentist uses – a 22 percent carbamide peroxide whitening solution. In clinical studies, it only took five days to show significant whitening. Most importantly, it can save you hundreds of dollars over what you’d pay your dentist. CLICK HERE to get the Instant Bright Smile™ free kit. Also – when purchased together you get reduced shipping on both.

Step 2 – Pro Whitener Plus™. Simply boil the mouthpiece in water, and put it in your mouth to make a mold. Then put the carbamide peroxide whitening solution in the mold and put it in your mouth for 15 minutes. CLICK HERE to get the Pro Whitener Plus™ free kit. Also – when purchased together you get reduced shipping on both.

That’s it – Just Pay For Them Next Time, Will Ya!

Most over-the-counter whitening options do not use the safe, dentist-approved solution that Instant Bright Smile™ and Pro Whitener Plus™ uses, and even those that do use a heavily diluted version. Not only are other brands not as effective, they also take longer to use and sometimes need to be worn overnight. Instant Bright Smile™ simply brushes on and Pro Whitener Plus™ is faster, safer and more effective than other retail brands.

Not sure how long they’re going to run this offer, but for just the cost of shipping and handling, you can get your teeth whitened using the same solution your dentist uses, but in the peace and quiet of your own home. A Hollywood smile for free? That’s what we’re all about here at AMALifestyle!


PS – edited to add: We’ve got calls into both companies to see how long they are offering the free trials on both of these products. We’ll post the answer when we get it. However, we were told they both have a set number of kits they are giving out, and once they’re gone – that’s it. We just don’t know how many free kits they have left…grab yours now is all we can say.


4 Responses to “Teeth Whitening Can Fit Into Your Budget”
  1. SexySadie34 says:

    First in!

    Haha – I got mine lol. I saw Halle Berry talking about South Beach Brite on an interview the other day. Perfect timing – thanks. I ordered the Dazzle Smile too, because it looks like that one does the “heavy lifting”. As always – you guys come through with all the goods, I love it.

    Hey do you guys have a newsletter or something? I hate to think the stuff I miss if I don’t check back here regularly.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Sadie – yeah, we’re putting together a newsletter now. I’ll put information up here for everyone when we get ready to roll it out.

  3. ArtieD says:

    Both of my orders just went through. Why did they need my credit card though, if they’re free?

  4. admin says:

    They charge a few bucks to ship the product – that’s why they need a card number. Also, make sure you cancel your order in a few weeks if you don’t want to keep receiving the product. You still get to keep the free trials.

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